Top 5 Must-Have Vegan Beauty Products for the Summer!

Hi Friends, Clients, Neighbors and Pals,

If you are like me you are dying for it to be Summer or for that matter at least Spring. So to get myself into the spirit I figured I would start scoping out what vegan beauty products are a must-have for this Summer season!

Here’s my word and “the word” on the street 🙂 –

Top 5 Must-Have Vegan Beauty Products for the Summer!

1. Sun Rescue Cream by Max Green Alchemy – One word….”Awesome!” This super hydrating lotion rich with shea butter and herbal extracts relieves even the toughest sunburn. So if you go overboard trying to get your Vitamin D this Summer make sure you have some Sun Rescue Cream in your cute Summer tote!

Product Perks:
Certified Vegan
100% natural origin with no synthetic chemicals

Where to get it:–Sun-Rescue-Cream–MGASU.html

2. Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque by Aveda – This awesome masque totally brings your dehydrated hair back to life. With the exception of the all natural coconut oil mask that I do on occasion, this Aveda Masque is by far my fav. It brings my natural waves back to life and my hair looks super refreshed and hydrated! ❤ it!

Product Perks:
Your hair (especially parched curls) will be transformed into silky heaven
100% certified organic essences of neroli, ylang ylang and cistus, so it smells AH-Mazing!

Where to get it:

3. SPF 30+ Sunscreen by Loving Naturals – I have said it before and I will say it again….this is probably the safest sunscreen on Earth. Love this product and the awesome ingredient list!

Product Perks:
Eco-Friendly Sunscreen products that actually work!
Strong enough for KIDS who are out in the Sun all day 🙂

Where to get it:!product

4. Natural Color Body Bronzer in Wild Ginger by Herbs of Grace – Body Bronzer/Shimmer….a natural beauty necessity all Summer long to maintain that healthy glow without baking in the Sun! 100% natural body bronzer…enough said.

Product Perks:
ALL NATURAL 100% Mineral
No nano-particles (Definition of a nano-particle: A nanoparticle (or nanopowder or nanocluster or nanocrystal) is a microscopic particle with at least one dimension less than 100 nm. In a nutshell, a particle so tiny that it can be easily absorbed into your skin. Especially not good, if the ingredients in your beauty products are toxic.)

Where to get it:

5. ZuZu Luxe Lip Gloss in Caliente – Bright vivid lips are totally in for Spring/Summer and I just love this perfectly popping red gloss! Use a lot for a bolder look or a touch for a nice transparent glossy red lip. ❤ it!

Product Perks:
Gluten free
Lead free
Carmine free
You look super cute wearing this shade! 🙂

Where to get it:
Most Whole Foods carry ZuZu Luxe or online at

So that’s it, Pals.

Now who needs a new Spring/Summer look? Come visit me at Starship Salon. I would love to jazz you up. Enjoy your Summer….I know I will! 🙂


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Superstar Vegan Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist for the masses!
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